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Mechanically, Swivel, Fixed/Rollable (SOM/SVM)
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   published and updated: 30. May 2023

Mechanically, Swivel, Fixed/Rollable (SOM/SVM)

The model SOM is a fixed position loading platform. It is constructed to the highest quality from high grade steel and manufacturing techniques.
Swivel Dockleveller Swivel Dockleveller
The loading dock edge requires a steel profile to be incorporated, thus allowing safe installation and operation of the SOM. Spring counterbalance is incorporated to the underside of the platform, this allows lifting and lowering of the platform to be performed in a safe and easy manner.
A safety lock is fitted to facilitate locking in the parked vertical position.
The SOM is manufactured to comply with regulations for docklevellers and loading ramps ZH 1/156 and Euro-Norm EN 1398.
Schwenkbar-Ortsfest-Verrollbar-Mechanisch – Verladezone mit Rollwagengestell (SVM)Side rollable loading zone with trolley rack (SVM)

Industry: Retail Logistics
State: Germany
Year of construction: 2015
Industry: Meat Products Logistics
State: Bavaria
Year of construction: 2010
Industry: Coldstore Logistics
State: Hesse
Year of construction: 2011



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