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Swiveling, Hydraulically, Stationary (SOH)
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   published and updated: 15. October 2021

Swiveling, Hydraulically, Stationary (SOH)

The swivelling hydraulic dock leveller can be delivered stationary or rollable to the sides. The leveller consits of a solid steel-construction. A powerful hydraulical system, put up under the plateau, is for moving up and down and makes the using via touch of a button easier and more comfortable.
The dock leveller is moved down to the truck-loading-space or the opposite edge of the ramp. It is situated transitionless on now. Because of the automatical ‘swimming-position’ the leveller goes up and down with the movements of the truck during the loading and unloading.
The rollable leveller is mounted at a special tracking profile at the front-edge of the leveller. At the starting position stands the dock leveller locked on end of the ramp. With an easy ‘foot-control’ you can release the lock.
This dockleveller is constructed to comply with regulations for loading bridges and mobil ramps ZH 1/156 and Euro-Norm EN 1398.
This Dockleveller complies with the safety regulations of the employers’ liability insurance association, the “Richtlinien für Ladebrücken und fahrbare Rampen“ BGR 233 (vorherige ZH 1/156) and the Euro standard EN 1398, in the latest version.

Special loading platform in food logistics

Loading platform with dock lifts for equipping the lower-lying warehouse and special loading ramp for rear loading in trucks
Loading platform combination SOH-Lift Table Loading platform combination SOH-Lift Table
Heavy Cargo Dockleveller SOH Isometry Heavy Cargo Dockleveller SOH Isometry
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Baden-Wurttemberg
Year of construction: 2009
Industry: Beverage Logistics
State: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Year of construction: 2011
Industry: Domestic Equipment Manufacturers
State: Turkey
Year of construction: 2000 - 2008



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