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Floating Dockleveller (VBKS)
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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Floating Dockleveller (VBKS)

The Nani- Floating dockleveller Type VBKS is an all-purpose dockleveller. It is developed for the special case where a normal truck and a little van have to be loaded / unloaded. So it is used where varying vehicles have to be disposed.
A visible difference to a normal dockleveller is that the lip is three-parted. The external parts can be flapped down so that the lip fits into minor vehicles.
Another, invisible, difference is located in the hydraulical system. At the disposal of a little vehicle is it supposable that the weight of the plateau would overload it.
To prevent this you can enable the floating mode. Therebygets the plateau weight ‘hold off’ by the hydraulical system. So the vehicle has to endure only a very light load that can be adjusted as required. This little load is necessary for the swimming-postion of the leveller so that it is able to adjust the movements of the vehicle while the loading / unloading.
The capacity of the dockleveller can be achieved as the customer requires it and is similarly designed for cross-traffic. A hydraulical emergency-stop guarantees a stopping of the leveller in every position, also while the maximum load.
Dockleveller type VBKS with floating hydraulic and high capacity of 15 tons dynamic (ca. 36 tons static). Installation at a paper manufacturer in Switzerland.
Industry: Paper Logistics, Chemical Logistics
State: Switzerland
Year of construction: 2009 - 2012
Industry: High-Tech Logistics
State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Year of construction: 2000 - 2008



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