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Telescopic Dockshelter (T-TAD)
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   published and updated: 4. December 2020

Telescopic Dockshelter (T-TAD)

The Nani-Dockshelter type T-TAD protects the personnel and the commodity during the loading or unloading from influences of the weather. This type of door shelter is used with an external ramp, where the truck can be load or unload from the rear or also from the sides. The dock shelter consists of a front, a rear and, depending upon tunnel length, one or more middle frameworks, of stable, hot-dip galvanized steel sections.
The rear framework is fastened before the loading hatch to the front. The middle frameworks form the closed porch together with the circulating PVC tarpaulin. Into the front frame profiles the 3 mm thick PVC tarpaulin aprons with two fabric inserts drew and seal the truck outstanding. The side tarpaulins are provided with yellow strips as starting assistance. All frameworks are connected by parallel led arms.
T-TAD is served alternatively by hand or it is equipped with an electrical motor. To the scope of supply belong the complete dock shelter and all mounting elements and sealing materials.

Docking Unit/Docking Station

Loading Gate with integrated Loading Tunnel for sealing a container put at ground level of the yard.
Teleskopteil herausgefahrentelescopic part moved out

Hospital Logistics

Today’s hospitals represent extremely complex logistics systems. For the areas of pharmacy, warehouse, sterilization, kitchen, laundry, laboratory, inventory of medical devices, beds, archives and post offices, equipment must be developed precisely tailored to the processes.
Disposal and cleaning for all people present here, i.e. patients, employees, visitors and students in the individual departments, wards, surgery rooms and emergency rooms.
Especially for hospital logistics, we repeatedly develop loading dock equipment, lifting equipment and, in the following case, gate weather protection solutions.
Efficient processes through tailored logistics in the hospital
Logistics as an effective instrument for increasing efficiency and quality as well as cost savings is increasingly becoming the focus in hospitals. Now it is important to take the current developments in the healthcare system into account, to weigh up opportunities, to be aware of its qualities and to pursue the right path with determination. The development and implementation of an optimal, holistic logistics system represent considerable challenges for clinics and hospitals. Professional support will get you to your desired destination faster.
Our understanding of hospital logistics
A hospital is a complex technical system made up of numerous processes, structures and material and person flows. Various areas, wards and functional departments are involved in everyday hospital life. Pharmacy, warehouse, laundry, kitchen, administration, laboratory, sterilization, cleaning and disposal etc. have an enormous influence on the success of a hospital. In addition to the medical services, efficient processes and the coordination of these logistical flows make a decisive contribution to the quality in the hospital.
Hospital logistics can be described as efficient when it fulfills its function and goes unnoticed by doctors and staff.
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Industry: Chemical Logistics
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