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High-Speed Aluminum Door (SLT-A)
   Categories: High-Speed Doors
   published and updated: 29. August 2017

High-Speed Aluminum Door (SLT-A)

The High-Speed Aluminum Door (SLT-A) is an elegant solution for companies where the use of forklift trucks requires the use of high-speed doors because of the frequent passages. The components of the door – the drive, the modular construction, the frame are built into a compact, completely clad, self-supporting aluminum construction. This construction ensures easy interchangeability and easy assembly.
The High-Speed Aluminum Door does not need a spiral cable, which considerably reduces the susceptibility. See-trough-curtains with or without safety strips allow good visibility. The SLT-A has all the necessary safety devices as well as an anti-crash system. A frequency converter control allows speeds of up to 1.50 m/sec.



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