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Josef Witt GmbH - four-sided inflatable Dockshelter (A-TAD-U)
Four-Sided Inflatable Dockshelter (A-TAD-U)
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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Four-Sided Inflatable Dockshelter (A-TAD-U)

We arrange the loading zone air-draught-free! Especially while the doors are open, a truck stands at the loading dock and the dockleveller lies on the truck it comes to air draught.
To protect your employees optimally and to reduce the loss of energy we developed the four-sided dockshelter type A-TAD-U.
With this solution we eliminate the air draught up to 90%. Your employees do not have to bear up the encumbrances any more and you save enormously the costs of energy.
We achieve excellent sealing-attributes and reach a very high isolating-efficiency. Because of that you get to excellent results with this kind of dockshelter in tempered storages.
Anschauuungsmodell – vierseitig Aufblasbare-Torabdichtung-Unterluftsack (A-TAD-U)display model – Four-Sided Inflatable Dockshelter (A-TAD-U)
Vorschub angeschrägtlower airbag with bevelled lip
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics, Textile Trade
State: Bavaria
Year of construction: 2014
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Baden-Wurttemberg
Year of construction: 2008



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