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Loading Dock Equipment
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   published and updated: 31. August 2017

Safety engineering as an full package

The loading station is to be equipped with the following safety technology components:
  1. Exterior Traffic Light (AA) “Red/Green” for truck-driver
  2. Interior Traffic Light (IA) “Red/Green” for storage personnel
  3. Wheel Chock (RK) with Annunciator/Status Detection System
  4. Signaler “Leveller operated”
  5. Signaler “Leveller in home position” (RL)
  6. Signal Horn, interior (IH)
  7. Signal Horn, exterior (AH)
  8. Light Barrier (LS)
  9. Locking Dockleveller (BV)
  10. Locking Sectional Door (TOV)
  11. Control Cabinet
  12. Signaler “Wheel Chock under wheel”
The interface between the ramp and the truck is still the main focus of accidents. The reason therefore is less the loading dock equipment than the loading process itself. The departure of the truck that should be loaded/unloaded mostly is the case for the heaviest accidents, because thus it could come to a crash of the industrial truck from the ramp onto the yard. Nani offers a comprehensive “safety package” for to prevent this and to ease this danger area. Function: An exterior traffic light red/green signalizes the truck while its docking “green”. An interior traffic light red/green shows the fork-lift operator “red”. Only if the truck-driver puts the wheel chock with status detection system under the wheel does the traffic light show “green” what means that the truck stands secured at the ramp and that the loading process could begin now. (At the same time has the control of the dockleveller been unlocked.) Now can the sectional door be opened and the dockleveller be positioned at the truck. The exterior traffic light shows the truck- driver “red”. An “intelligent” hydraulic lets the interior traffic light only show “green” if the dockleveller is positioned at the truck. Now can the fork-lift operator begin to load/unload the truck. After the loading process will the dockleveller be positioned in its home position. The interior traffic light shows “red” during the process. Only after that shows the exterior traffic light “green” – the truck can leave after the wheel chock is put away. Should the wheel chock be taken away during the loading and the truck try to drive away signalize signal-horn and interior traffic light “red” and the fork-lift operator knows the danger!
To minimize accidents and crushing hazards, a safety distance of at least 500 mm between the dockleveller and the truck is now being sought. For this purpose , we have different solutions in the program, the Nani Crash Guard, a dockleveller with 1000mm lip or a solution with a swiveling dockleveller.
Further security technology:



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