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Blockdock Advantages
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   published and updated: 13. August 2021

What is BLOCKDOCK doing?

Truck Restraint for safe and accident-free loading

The Nani BLOCKDOCK is a Truck Restraint specially developed by us and is registered for patent worldwide. This replaces the truck wheel wedge and, above all other common massive wedge designs in a functional and cost-effective manner. It is an extremely robust solution for preventing docked trucks at the loading dock from accidentally rolling away or driving away.
Docked trucks at the loading dock are locked and permanently blocked until the loading process is completed. Many accidents on the ramp can be prevented.
protection bar at the Blockdock Truck with underride guard protection bar at the Blockdock
Blockdock in rest position Blockdock in rest position
einarmiges Blockdock Verladeposition Blockdock in loading position
The 4 advantages of the BLOCKDOCK over conventional wheel chocks and immobilizers

1. Underground installation, thus free yard area

2. Manipulation or driving over (e.g. wheel chocks) not possible

3. automatical locking process

4. cost-effective compared to conventional immobiliziers


Use of the BLOCKDOCK

Old problems and new solution

All logisticians are aware of the problem that lorries docked on ramps are not secured by wheel chocks as required. Furthermore, it happens all too often that vehicles secured with wheel wedge move away or roll away. As a result, massive truck immobilisers have become increasingly popular over the past few years. These are placed in front of the ramps and anchored in the yard. As these are large, bulky systems, the space for shunting or clearing the yard area is severely limited by these systems.
Our solution is a simple and comparatively small box construction, which is embedded in the ground in front of the ramp and forms a level with the yard area after installation.

The entire BLOCKDOCK system is integrated in the box and can be retrofitted to all loading ramps. Constructed in a compact design, the BLOCKDOCK can be used in front of every imaginable loading dock, whether modern or with old technology. The compact box with a length of about 1.5m and a width of about 1.2m and a height of about 80cm is fixed in a concrete pit in front of the loading dock. The necessary on-site concrete work on the farm is limited.

The process of the BLOCKDOCK in 15 steps:

1. External traffic light green, interior traffic light red; Truck is docking
2. Truck is detected by sensors
3. External traffic light flashes red when loading position is reached
4. Blockarm raises (automatically)
5. Telescopic arms of the Blockdock drive against underride protection bar
6. Blockdock locks the truck
7. External traffic light turns to red; Indoor traffic light flashes green
8. Loading begins (Door opens)
9. Dockleveller is inserted; Indoor traffic light throughout green
10. Forklift can drive in
11. Loading is terminated or can be interrupted
12. Dockleveller in rest position; Indoor traffic light throughout red; Outside traffic light flashes green
13. Manual release via the controller; Blockdock retracts (automatically)
14. Exterior traffic lights throughout green
15. Truck undocks and leaves loading dock

BLOCKDOCK for loading swap bodies. Block arm lifts to the steel beam

BLOCKDOCK – Docking with trucks and swap bodies

docked Blockdock arm docked Blockdock arm

Product Video:  NANI - Blockdock - Loading process
Content (TOC):


1. Truck is docking
2. Truck is detected by sensors
3. Traffic light (outside) flashes red
4. Blockdock raises (automatically)
5. Arm of the Blockdock drives against the underride protection bar
6. Blockdock/Immobilizer locks the truck
7. Traffic light switches to red (outside) throughout; Traffic light flashes green (inside)
8. Loading begins (Doors opens)
9. Dockleveller is inserted; Traffic light (inside) is consistently green
10. Forklift can drive in
11. Loading is terminated or can be interrupted
12. Dockleveller in rest position; Traffic light (inside) is switched to red
13. Manual release via the controller; Blockdock retracts (automatically)
14. Traffic light (outside) turns green
15. Truck undocks and leaves the loading dock




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