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Control Units
Control Units
   published and updated: 2. December 2020

Control Units

Control Units for Lifting Tables and their warnings:
  1. Operation of the Lift Table is only permitted for persons instructed.
  2. Passenger transportation and climbing on the Lifting Table is prohibited..
  3. Only operate the lifting table if there are no persons and objects in the movement area.
  4. Observe lifting table and load for all lifting table movements.
  5. Starting the lifting table by pressing the “up” or “down”
  6. In cases of emergency, set the main switch to “0”; Every movement of the lifting table is then interrupted.
  7. Service and repair work under the lifting table may only be done if the power supply is switched off and the revision supports are inserted.
  8. In general, and especially in the case of a disturbance, the detailed operating and maintenance instructions must be observed.



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