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CleaningLift - Flooring from ProfilGate
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   published and updated: 29. August 2017

CleaningLift – tire cleaning system

Profilgate and Nani provide with the CleaningLift more cleaned and hygienic buildings:
Floor mats and non-carpeted areas are now standard in the planning of any building. The resulting dirt by floor-borne vehicle, forklift trucks, etc. and their wheels are usually neglected. At the same time, the rollers and tires of these vehicles, which are usually used in-house, absorb the lost dirt from other vehicles, for example from the truck loading area, and carry it further into sensitive areas of the building. This entrained dirt is usually eliminated later with difficulties by cleaning vehicles.
With the ProfilGate this problem can be solved directly in the access area! Up to 90% of the dirt adherence to the treads of the tires/rolls/wheels can thus be removed. Since the cleaning power and, above all, the longevity of the tire cleaning fields are best ensured when the vehicles drive the fields in the longitudinal traffic, the use of these fields on the ramps and lifting platforms is most sensible. At these points, the exclusive transit-drive in the longitudinal traffic is guaranteed. The vehicles can not rotate there and therefore the tire cleaning fields are not damaged.
Through the use of the CleaningDock/CleaningLift, you are demonstrating the uncompromising readiness of your customers, suppliers and lawmakers to work in an exemplary manner to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene in your company.

Advantages of ProfilGate

  • Technical cleanliness (sign for more cleanliness)
  • Improved work safety (reduced risk of slipping on wet roads)
  • Less complaints (Higher product quality due to less pollution)
  • Less cleaning costs (in-house cleaning)
  • Reduced renovation costs (floor coverings)

CleaningLift in use




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