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Conveyance Logistic
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   published and updated: 10. December 2020

Conveyance Logistic

German Haulage/Conveyance Logistics is a market dominated by the competition in which the majority of freight shipping company are small and medium-sized enterprises. These are usually looking for their niches. Increasingly, a highly flexible transport management system is part of the required offer, in which the further logistics-related tasks are integrated within contract logistics.
Therefore, there can be no simple industry solution for the general forwarding logistics, but rather a customized, depending on the specialization and offer of the freight shipping agencies from the transport of dangerous goods via the refrigerated transport to the heavy haulage transport etc.
Conveyance Logistic – Dockleveller versus Scissor Lift Tables (HTVB) Conveyance Logistic – Dockleveller versus Scissor Lift Tables (HTVB)
Freight forwarders often have their own fleet. As a result, the equipment is to be selected in the area of the truck loading ramp so that the trucks remain as unaffected as possible by the docking operations. Among other things, our Nani – Crash Guard protection is often used there, which, for example, prevents the taillights of the trucks from being damaged.
Klappbrückem SVM in Speditionslogistik Folding bridge SVM in Conveyance Logistics
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: Saxony
Year of construction: 2011
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: Schleswig-Holstein
Year of construction: 2009



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