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Stairwell Cover
   Categories: Special Customized Solutions
   published and updated: 16. April 2021

Stairwell Cover

Nani special construction of a hydraulic Stairwell Cover
We have planned a hydraulic stairwell cover for an existing customer. This can also be designed to be driven over. It must be ensured that the risk of falling is secured by means of a push-in railing, if necessary. The staircase is regularly open, i.e. the stairwell cover is open. If this part of the garage is to be driven over, it is closed via the hydraulics. After lowering and closing of the shaft opening, the push-in railings are removed and the entire area is passable. A simple control system controls the opening and closing of the flap, and the separately installed hydraulic unit is easily accessible for service and repair work. We have already made such stairwell covers for a multitude of possible uses in industry, trade and also in the private sector. However, these are used particularly at port locks in inland ports and ocean ports. The surface can be created with steel, stainless steel or aluminum.



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