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Continuous Upper-Curtain Shelter (P-TAD/P-TAD-2)
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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Continuous Upper-Curtain Shelter (P-TAD/P-TAD-2)

Nani-Dockshelter P-TAD protects the personnel and goods from inclement weather conditions when loading/unloading at the dock.
The dockshelter steel frame is extremely strong and stable at all times. The steel profiles are finished in galvanise to give long life protection. Model P-TAD is a collapsible type shelter and is held in position by link arms, cable and spring system. On being hit by a badly parked vehicle the shelter collapses back to the wall and returns to its normal position when the vehicle pulls away.
Model P-TAD headcurtain in a single PVC sheet with a split at either side to relieve tension created when a vehicle enters the shelter. Side curtains are of the same material and are supported at the top corner by a divice to hold them in a stable position. Model P-TAD is a perimeter seal for all types of vehicles and is manufactured from the highest.

Angle-Type Bumpers (Corner Seals):

Two bumpers are mounted in the lower corner areas. The side free spaces are thus additionally sealed.

With Continuous Curtain Shelter:


Adjustable Continuous Upper-Curtain Shelter (P-TAD)


Height-adjustable Upper-Curtain Shelter for container loading

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