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Loading Dock Equipment
scissor lift table with a ton weight
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   published and updated: 30. September 2022

Dock Lift

Nani Dock Lift Tables are a very useful addition to the loading bay. Lift Tables on the loading bay can cover many uses that conventional equipment will not accommodate i.e. moving heavy sensitive equipment either on to or off a vehicle in a level mode. Allowing fork trucks to move from inside the loading bay to outside floor level quickly and safely. Nani Lift Tables are manufactured to a very high standard. Consequently we can quote you for any lift-table with capacities between 500 dan. and 24000 dan. Solution to your specific need can be accommodated.
Loading platforms from Nani are designed modular (base frames, shears made of solid material, hydraulic unit, hydraulic cylinders, platform sizes, load capacities and many options). Thus, a customer-specific solution can be offered for every problem in the load range between 500 daN / 05KN and 50000 daN / 500KN. Higher load capacities are also possible. These are “Made in Germany” lifting tables designed and built to the highest quality standards. The plateau is made with a tear cover plate and the entire design is designed as an extremely robust steel structure.
The safety features are:
  • Lifting and lowering in dead man’s mode
  • Circumferential foot protection contact strip to avoid any shearing edges
  • Tube break safety valve for “hose breakage”
  • IP 54+ protected
  • Control voltage 24 V DC
  • Maintenance Supports
  • Maintenance hatch
The following options are available:
  • Overrunning flaps mechanically/manually or hydraulically
  • PVC roller blind or corrugated wire mesh as under-going-protection
  • Pluggable and screwable handrails (electrically interrogated)
  • Additional control unit loosely mounted on the rail or on a control column
  • Portal railings, screwable
  • Plateau reinforcement for overriding the platform with up to 200KN axle load, special designs possible
  • Additional foot switch
  • Barrier systems with locking and contact
  • Oil-pan – hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel
  • Roll-off protection on platform, manual/mechanical or automatic/hydraulic
  • Gap seals
  • Aggregate outside the basic frame/lifting table pit; On console for wall or floor mounting
  • Automatic hydraulic plateau locking system
  • Anti-slip-coating/Anti-rumble-coating
  • Organic oil
  • Dock Bumpers, Crash Guard
  • Hydraulic saddled dockleveller
  • Key switch
  • Noise reduction of the unit
  • Additional flash light
  • Traffic lights
The combination of lifting table and feed bridge combines the functions of the two loading systems in one. The loading station can be used as a “normal” loading station in the known manner with the feed bridge. The proven technology of the feed bridge allows an effective loading of all normal trucks. The precisely designed dockleveller follows the movements of the trucks by means of its floating position. In the second function, the difference in height between the hall floor and the yard level can be overcome. The lift table technology is used for this purpose. The dockleveller is the platform of the lifting table. Due to the lifting table design, it is not possible to lower the truck’s shelf walls. To get this function you have to choose our “2in1” solution (link to “2in1-PDF”).
Our lifting tables meet the latest DIN EN 1570-1 and the machinery directive 2006/42/EG
HTVB lifting table with docklevellerHTVB lifting table with dockleveller

Lift Tables for cosmetics manufacturers

We supplied 7 different scissor lift tables for a new building for one of Europe’s leading cosmetics manufacturers.
Industry: Conveyance Logistic, Wholesale
State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Year of construction: 2013
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Year of construction: 2013
Industry:  Conveyance Logistic
State: Saxony-Anhalt
Year of construction: 2011



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