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Dockleveller – hydraulic, with hinged lip (KBH)
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   published and updated: 23. August 2017

Hydraulically with Hinged Lip (KBH)

With electro-hydraulic operation and hinged lip this dock leveller is of the highest quality steel construction. Model KBH is fitted with complete hydraulic control. When the leveller is in the working position the system allows the leveller platform to float with the change in position of the vehicle bed.
The platform will also adjust to any side tilt a vehicle floor may have due to being loaded off balance. The hydraulic system has an emergency stop designed into each of the two lift cylinders to counteract the unlikely event of a hose break.
Gabelstapler lässt Rampe absinken – eine Schwimmstellung der Klappkeilbrücke ist somit notwendigThe forklift truck drops the ramp – a floating position of the hydraulic dockleveller with hinged lip (KBH) is therefore necessary
Model KBH like all NANI docklevellers can in cross traffic position be used to its designed capacity. The dockleveller is installed into a rebate around the top of the pit, this allows easy construction of a Tail-lift access opening underneath the leveller if required.
Die The model KBH dockleveller is disigned and manufactured to comply with regulations for docklevellers and mobile ramps ZH 1/156 and Euro-Norm EN 1398.

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