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Lamella Upper-Curtain Dockshelter (LP-TAD-V)
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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Lamella Upper-Curtain Dockshelter (LP-TAD-V)

Nani-Dockshelter LP-TAD-V protects the personnel and goods from inclement weather conditions when loading/unloading at the dock.
The dockshelter steel frame is extremely strong and stable at all times. The steel profiles are finished in galvanise to give long life protection.
Model LP-TAD-V is a rigid typ dockshelter designed to be installed between and underneath a goalpost type structure of either concrete or steel. This model will give identical protection as other NANI Dockshelters. Model LP-TAD-V head curtain in a double PVC sheet with splits on both sides to relieve tension created when a vehicle enters the shelter. Side curtains are of the same material and are supported at the top corner by a device to hold them in a stable position. Model LP-TAD-V is a perimeter seal for all types of vehicles and is manufactured from the highest quality materials.




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