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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Scissor Lift Tables

Nani Lift-tables are a very useful addition to the loading bay. Lift-tables on the loading bay can cover many uses that conventional equipment will not accommodate i.e. moving heavy sensitive equipment either on to or off a vehicle in a level mode. Allowing fork trucks to move from inside the loading bay to outside floor level quickly and safely. NANI Lift-table are manufactured to a very high standard. Consequently we can quote you for any lift-table with capacities between 500 dan. and 24000 dan. Solution to your specific need can be accommodated.
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Lower Saxony
Year of construction: 2009
Industry: Passenger and Wheel Chair Lifts
State: Lower Saxony
Year of construction: 2006
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: Saxony-Anhalt
Year of construction: 2011
moving up and down of a Lift Table



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