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Underfloor Lifts
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   published and updated: 10. December 2020

Underfloor Lifts

Underfloor Lifts from Nani are special Freight Lifts and serve the transport of goods, garbage containers, etc. between two floors, eg from the ground floor to the upper floor. This usually involves the transport from a delivery zone to the cellar, or goods which are, for example, for disposal from the ground floor to the exterior level. The transport of persons is not permitted on a regular basis. Compared to Cable Elevator, an Underfloor Lift in the form of a Scissor Lifting Tables or Column Lifting Tables is much more cost-effective and more economical.
The Underfloor Lifts always has a roof or cover (canopy), which is placed on the Lifting Table Plateau. When the lift is raised, this cover is being lift up and releases the lift-cage in the upper position for loading. At the lower stop, the shaft is closed by means of a safety revolving door, which can only be opened when the lifting table is lowered. As a covering of the canopy you can also freely choose: lawns, cobblestone, tiles, asphalt, concrete, metal, …
Unterfluraufzüge – Animation – HebetechnikSample of an Underfloor Lift for Garbage Containers
Industry: Passenger and Wheel Chair Lifts
State: Saxony
Year of construction: 2012
Industry: Retail Logistics, High-Tech Logistics
State: Saxony
Year of construction: 2013
Industry:  Container Logistics
State: Hesse
Year of construction: 2018



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