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Vertical-Lifting Fitting Sectional Door (VL)
   Categories: Sectional Doors
   published and updated: 14. June 2023

Perpendicular-Lifting Fitting Sectional Door (VL)

Vertical-Lifting Fitting Sectional Door (VL) for perpendicular-current doors. The Vertical-Lifting Fitting Sectional Door (VL) is used, if there is a large fall free space that the door can be perpendicularly opened. Due to the not necessary detour into the horizontal, this fitting is particularly low-maintenance and for an easy manual control suitably.
The door is suitable for an easy manual control. The torsion bars needed for balancing the door page are non-standard calculated and manufactured on most modern feather/spring machines.
The sectional doors are manufactured non-standard for each door opening from formed aluminum or galvanized steel sheet. High-isolating FCKW free polyurethan-foam, which creates the chemical network between front and back sheet, makes the section doubly self-supporting. The number of window sections can be varied as required – also combination and placing can be determined individually.
As door with an electric drive it corresponds to the safety regulations of the professional association, the “Guidelines for strength-operated windows, doors and gates” after ZH 1/494, always in the newest case version.
Vertikale-Laufschiene – schnelllaufendes Sektionaltor ohne Umlenkunghigh-speed vertical sectional door without deflection



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