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Stainless Steel Lift Tables
   Categories: Lifting Equipment
   published and updated: 24. January 2022

Stainless Steel Lift Tables

The Stainless Steel Lift Tables manufactured by us for any conceivable application (see “Lifting Equipment”) are mainly used in Clean-Rooms and in the Meat Products Industry. There are high hygienic requirements and strong cleaning chemicals are used, which hot-dip galvanized equipment regularly does not resist.
Stainless Steel as material:
Our welders and welding engineers are designed to weld stainless steel assemblies according to high quality requirements. The decades of experience of our welders allows us to offer our complete production program in complete stainless steel constructions. In doing so, we attach great importance not only to the covering panels (in Lifting Tables and Docklevellers) in stainless steel, but also to the entire remaining construction. If stainless steel plateaus are welded on black material and these components combined with hot-dip galvanizing, this leads to the result that the galvanic currents, which are then always flowing, produce corrosion, which is actually prevented by the use of this material. Therefore, our advice is: “If stainless steel, then the complete construction of stainless steel!”
Industry: Retail Logistics
State: Russia
Year of construction: 2015
Industry: Food Logistics
State: Saxony
Year of construction: 2014



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