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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and energy savings are a key factor in the development of Nani products. The Nani COOLDOCK is probably the most energy-efficient truck loading system currently available on the market. Docked trucks are sealed on all sides with the dockshelter type A-TAD-U on 4 sides. Thus the energy loss is maximally limited. For temperature-controlled warehouses, this solution eliminates drafts of more than 90%. Your employees are no longer exposed to the extreme stress and you save considerable energy costs. We achieve excellent sealing properties and maintain a very high insulating capacity.


Nani’s energy-saving partner is the first high-speed door in the world to combine the positive features of the well-known Fast-Moving Sectional Door and High-Speed Steel Door (SLT) in a single product. In addition, an automatic functional sequence forces the loading personnel to comply with the energy-saving and “damage-inhibiting” operating sequence.


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Data Sheet – Energy consumption of Loading Platform and Sealing (A-TAD-U)





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