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Sealing with Angle-Type Bumper (P-TAD)
Angle-Type Bumper
   published and updated: 13. April 2023

Angle-Type Bumper

The Nani-Dockshelter with Angle-Type Bumper P-TAD protects the personnel and the goods during loading and unloading against weather influences. The door seal consists of a front and a rear frame made of stable, galvanized steel profiles. The closed stem is formed by a circulating PVC-Canvas. Both frames are resiliently connected to one another by parallel articulated arms, so that the dockshelter can avoid any inaccurately approaching trucks. 3mm thick PVC-canvas aprons with two fabric inserts are drawn into the frame profiles.
The upper canvas apron consists of two, overlapping, slit canvas. The canvas is thus adapted to the truck and seals it perfectly. The side panels are equipped with yellow strips as starting aids. The complete dockshelter, as well as all fastening parts and sealing materials are included in the delivery. Two bumpers are mounted in the lower corner areas. The side free spaces are thus additionally sealed. Optional rain gutter and reinforcing lamellas are available.
Diameter350/450 mm
Height450 mm
Suspension Hooktop
Installation is carried out onpull rope



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