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Dockshelter for Automotive Manufacturer

    Categories:  Dockshelters, News
    published and updated: 23.10.2019

Nani manufactures and delivers four units of the height-adjustable inflatable dockshelters for a European car manufacturer for the new plant in North Africa....
Lift Table in Polar-Cold-Areas

    Categories:  Lifting Equipment, News
    published and updated: 29.08.2017

The Lift Table is equipped with a heated oil tank and a platform lock for fixing the lift table against a possible sinking in the upper position...

    Categories:  Docklevellers, News
    published and updated: 04.12.2020

CleaningDock – Floor mats and clean-up zones are now standard in the planning of any building. The pollution by floor-borne vehicles, forklift trucks, etc....
Surfaces and Coatings

    Categories:  Accessories for Lifting Equipment, News
    published and updated: 29.08.2017

Surfaces and Coatings are a decisive criterion for safety during loading. Consult with us to find out which flooring is best for your loading point...
Crash Guard

    Categories:  Loading Dock Equipment, News
    published and updated: 30.09.2022

The Nani Crash-Guard revolutionizes the safety of the loading bay. It protects the operators on the dockleveller and in front of it....
NANI »for optimal loading«
The Nani Verladetechnik GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative German manufacturer of loading equipment, industrial doors and lifting technology. So we are dealing with Nani of the topics related to: The development, design and manufacture of docklevellers, mobile loading ramps, dockshelters, dock bumpers, lifting tables, lifting platforms and industrial doors takes place in Germany. Everything in one location, all from one source. We are your supplier with innovation, expertise and solutions. Our own development and design department, specialists for all mechanical, electrical and hydraulic and especially the focus on solution-oriented mindset among all employees make us your suppliers real system solutions. This is in addition to the high quality of our products our main selling point: We offer sophisticated system solutions and see ourselves as a reliable problem solver. Standard products are only used in applications where it makes sense. Otherwise, we develop tailor-made concepts, according to budgets of customers. This applies not only to our dock levellers, dock shelters and doors, but also for our lifting technology solutions.



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