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Lifting Equipment

Overview of our Lifting Equipment Technology

We develop, construct and produce a variety of different lifting solutions. An example of our solutions can be found under the following links or in our Lifting Technology Brochure.


The lift tables and lifting platforms are being used i.a. in the Paper Industry, in the Aircargo Industry, in the Automotive Industry, for many different Rail Vehicle Manufacturing and Maintenance applications and many other Plant Engineering and Construction applications. Our lifting technology not only gets used for lifting and lowering, but also for the transportation (eg. on rails), for coil handling, pallet handling and many more.


We offer you:


  1. Dock Lifts
  2. Heavy Load Lift Tables
  3. Car Lifts and Parking
  4. Passenger and Wheel Chair Lifts
  5. Theater and Show Lifts
  6. Truck Dock
  7. Column Lift Tables
  8. Freight Lifts
  9. Underfloor Lifts
  10. Long-Load Lifts
  11. Working Platforms
  12. Truck Lifts
  13. Stainless Steel Lift Tables
  14. Scissor Lift Table
  15. CleaningLift
  16. Lift Table in polar cold areas
  17. Accessories for lifting technology



The technologies


Scissor Lift Tables & Column Lift Tables & Long-Load Lifts






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