inflatable Dockshelter used in Meat Products Logistics
Meat Products Logistics
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   published and updated: 5. October 2022

Meat Products Logistics

The logistics of meat products have many special challenges at the loading dock, the interface between the slaughter, production or warehouse buildings and the trucks.
  1. Where animals are loaded, it is necessary to ensure a particularly efficient process.
  2. When fresh, bloody meat is loaded, blood reaches the loading dock and strong detergents are used.Hot-dip galvanized docklevellers and gates/-parts do not hold this and should be exchanged by complete stainless steel constructions (ie not only the plateau of the docklevellers).
  3. The products are transported in refrigerated trucks and converted and processed in refrigerated or even deep-freeze storage / buildings. An energy-efficient conception of ramps is therefore not only necessary for energy saving reasons, but also for hygienic reasons.
The optimal hygiene and the uninterrupted cooling chain is also to be ensured by the appropriate modern technology in the gate and ramp area, especially according to the regulations of the IFS Food (International Features Standards, version 6, “Standard for the assessment of the quality and safety of food”).
The IFS Food is only used if the product is “processed or treated”.
We are able to produce the complete dockleveller, not just the plateau, made of stainless steel. The same applies to lifting tables and gates. In addition to the stainless steel equipment, our loading system for Meat Products Logistics consists of a lowered loading area, which allows the truck doors to be opened after docking and a four-sided inflatable Dockshelter that seals the truck around.
A large number of slaughterhouses, butchers and meat merchants have already been equipped with our systems specially designed for this purpose. We cordially invite you to have a “live” convince and to look at reference objects.
Stainless steel as material:
Our welders and welding specialists are trained to weld stainless steel assemblies according to high quality requirements. The decades of experience of our welders allows us to offer our complete production program also in complete stainless steel constructions. In doing so, we attach great importance not only to the decking panels (in lifting tables and docklevellers) in stainless steel, but also to the entire remaining construction. If stainless steel plateaus are welded on black material and these assemblies together with the hot galvanizing process, this leads to the fact that the galvanic currents, which are then always flowing, produce corrosion, which is actually prevented by the use of this material. Therefore, our advice is: “If stainless steel, then the complete construction should be made of stainless steel!”
Our products can also be combined with cleanroom technology made of stainless steel.
installation in the cleanroominstallation in the cleanroom
stainless steel lifting table for Meat Products Logisticsstainless steel lifting table for Meat Products Logistics

hygienic superstructure

For a regular customer who has been using our loading dock equipment for over 25 years, a food and meat dealer, we have equipped our Cooldock with a special hot-dip galvanized steel superstructure that supports the meat track. This and other details make the cooldock not only a hygienic loadhouse in temperature-controlled logistics, but a real industry solution for the meatindustry.
Industry: Meat Products Logistics, Container Logistics
State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Year of construction: 2014
Industry: Meat Products Logistics
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Year of construction: 2005
Industry: Meat Products Logistics
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