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Fixed/Movable Cushions (K-TAD/VK-TAD)
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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Fixed/Movable Cushions (K-TAD/VK-TAD)

The NANI-Dockseal model K-TAD gives protection to personel and goods when loading/unloading during inclement weather at the dock.
It will also prevent heat loss or if required, as in cold storage situations heat ingress. Prevention of ingress of insects particularly where foodstuffs are stored is also a factor of the K-TAD.
The side and top cushions are made up of flame retardent foam covered with PVC. The front face of each cushion is covered with 3 mm thick PVC for added strength and abrasion resistance. The side cushion has a yellow vertical guide stripe as standard.
Verschiebbare-Kissen-Torabdichtung (VK-TAD)Movable Cushion Dockshelter (VK-TAD)
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Lower Saxony
Year of construction: 2008



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