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Loading Dock Equipment
Logdock PRO
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   published and updated: 28. May 2020

Logdock PRO


1. Features

hydraulically, with telescopic lip (VB5/VB10)
Surface galvanized
ISO-floor panel

Dockshelter with laminated upper curtain (LP-TAD)
inflatable Dockshelter (A-TAD)
Bumper/Angle-Type Bumper

Lifting-door-fitting Sectional Door (VL)

Crash Guard + Dock Bumper
Lowered-hydraulic steel spring bumper (AHS)

Security Technology
Electric Wheel Chock
Exterior Traffic Lights
interior Traffic Lights
Loading Light
Safety Railing with Mobile Control
Light Sensor (Truck-detection)
Vehicle Wheel Guides


2. Advantages/Disadvantages

  • Low purchase price
  • Modular extensibility of the loading point
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Three-sided sealing
  • Electronic service of the dock bumpers
  • More stable dock bumpers
  • Higher safety inside the loading area
  • No complete sealing thus high temperature loss
  • Regular replacement of the dock bumpers by rapid destruction
  • High burden of the pits and the building
  • No loading of trucks from a loading height of 120 mm
  • No use of high quality ecologically sustainable materials
  • High maintenance interval
  • Slow handling of trucks

3. Loading Process




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