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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy


“YES, we can! – Flexibility before Efficiency”


As a medium-sized, owner-run family business, the welfare of our customers, employees and suppliers is the central starting point for our actions.


It is our goal to offer our customers real solutions. As a system manufacturer who can develop, construct and manufacture all the components of the system around the loading dock (docklevellers, gate seals, gates, lifting platforms, etc.), we ensure that projects realized by us without interface problems between the individual components (docklevellers, gates , safety devices, traffic lights, etc.) will go into operation and continue to operate successfully. Our construction engineers, as well as engineers for electrical engineering and hydraulics work hand-in-hand with our production department to realize our projects. The fact that our customers receive all products from a single source and that all departments work together in one team, we can offer REAL SOLUTIONS. This can only be achieved through innovation. The foundation for regular innovation is the commitment, experience and creativity of all employees. If this is lived, you face each problem and look for solutions.


As a true solution provider, all the colleagues from Nani have dedicated themselves to the “YES, we can! -Philosophy”.


Of course, the cost pressure on the market forces us to operate as efficiently as possible. We do. However, the central goal remains to be as flexible as possible and to remain as far as possible for all business activities. Always in the context of a profitability analysis => It remains to be weighed at where places flexibility in favor of an increased efficiency in connection with a then somewhat lower adaptability can be accepted. In today’s world, the biggest challenge is the constant rapid change. Competitive, political and environmental changes happen regularly and ever faster. One must be able to adapt the company accordingly to the structure and organization. This is the second motto for our company philosophy, “Flexibility before Efficiency”.





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