spring steel bumper of a dockleveller with hinged lip (KBH)
Dock Bumpers
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   published and updated: 25. August 2017

Dock Bumpers (stationary)

A common cause of damage to facades and doors is to pass to low ramps. The manually adjustable Nani Dock Bumpers provides a convenient and low-cost solution to avoid crossing over the ramp due to high trucks. Loading to the extreme edge of the truck is no longer a problem.
The Dock Bumper is locked in the rest position in the lowest position. The bumper upper edge is at the ramp level. If necessary, the lock is released and the bumper is automatically raised to the uppermost position. It is then 30cm above the ramp level. If the bumper is no longer needed in the top position, it can be lowered manually into the initial position. Locking is automatic.
Dock Bumpers are available in various fixed and movable versions. The following tables show the respective variants.

Rubber Buffer and Spring Steel Dock Bumper


Replacement of Dock Bumper – Before/After


Dock Bumper (height adjustable) – AMG, AHG, AMS, AHS


1. Dock Bumper AMG (Manual/Rubber)

The manually height-adjustable Rubber Buffer is positioned via a gas pressure spring. The height is adjusted by operating the foot.


2. Dock Bumper AHG (Hydraulic/Rubber)

This Hydraulic Dock Bumper works in the same way as the AHS, with the difference that the Spring Steel Dock Bumper is replaced by a Rubber Buffer.


3. Dock Bumper AMS (Manual/Steel Spring) with gas pressure spring

Example of a similar subconstruction for AMS- and AMG Dock Bumpers



4. Dock Bumper AHS (Hydraulic/Steel Spring)

The hydraulically lowering Bumper provides a very comfortable solution to avoid crossing over the ramp due to high trucks. If the truck is docking (loading bed usually over the ramp level), it is not possible to open the truck doors. With the help of this Dock Bumper, the loading up to the extreme edge of the truck is no longer a problem. The operation is carried out half-automatic by coupling with the dockleveller control. The Spring Steel Dock Bumper initially dodges to the rear and thus lowers contact-free to the truck. The truck doors are no longer blocked and can be opened.


Different bumper variants and constructions

Defective Dock Bumpers

Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: Saxony-Anhalt
Year of construction: 2004
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Saxony-Anhalt
Year of construction: 2010
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics, Paper Logistics
State: Hesse
Year of construction: 2010
Nani Spring Steel Dock Bumper (AMS), height adjustable
Protection of the ramp doors in front of trucks with loading areas higher than the ramp itself.



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