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Hydraulically, Stationary/Rollable, with Telescopic Lip (SOHV/SVHV)
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   published and updated: 29. June 2020

Hydraulically, Stationary/Rollable, with Telescopic Lip (SOHV/SVHV)

The swivelling hydraulic dock leveller can be delivered stationary or rollable to the sides. The leveller consits of a solid steel-construction and has a infinitely variable telescopic lip. A powerful lifting- and pushing forward hydraulical system, put up under the plateau, is for lifting up and down and moving forward and backwards of the leveller. It makes the using via the touch of a button easier and more comfortable.
The dock leveller is moved down to the truck-loading-space or the opposite edge of the ramp. It is situated transitionless on now. Because of the automatical ‘swimming-position’ the leveller goes up and down with the movements of the truck during the loading and unloading.
The rollable leveller is mounted at a special tracking profile at the front-edge of the leveller. At the starting position stands the dock leveller locked on end of the ramp. With an easy ‘foot-control’ you can release the lock.
This dockleveller is constructed to comply with regulations for loading bridges and mobil ramps ZH 1/156 and Euro-Norm EN 1398.
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Baden-Wurttemberg
Year of construction: 2008
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: Baden-Wurttemberg
Year of construction: 2008
Industry: Pharma Logistics, Hospital Logistics
State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Year of construction: 2016



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