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Car-Lifts and Parking
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   published and updated: 25. July 2023

Car-Lifts, Parking and Underground Garages

prices and costs, dimensions, manufacturer, details in practice
Autolift, car elevators and underground garages / underground carports from Nani transport cars between different levels of a building (e.g. in automated car parks) or simply fulfill the function of a retractable garage, as shown below. In car houses, the car lifts are used not only for transport between the different parking levels, but also as a presentation and exhibition platform.
As a manufacturer in which the development, design and production of the car lifts are done at one location, we can implement any special requirements regarding equipment and functionalities as well as design, coloring, etc. Additional equipment such as anti-theft protection, anti-roll barriers, locks, plateau reinforcements for overpassing, faster speeds, bio-oil or the complete stainless steel construction are no problem for us as many other special requests.

If you use the Autolift as a retractable garage, the space gain is, of course, the greatest advantage. The space on the canopy can either be designed as an additional parking space or even as a lawn place. As a possible covering of the canopy, the lawn, paving stones, tiles, asphalt, concrete or simply metal can be considered. This allows the aesthetic integration of the autolift garage into the building conditions on site. Furthermore, the car is protected against weather conditions and theft.
Car-Lifts and ParkingCar-Lifts and Parking


prices and costs

Car lift table integrated into buildings: The costs vary depending on size, load capacity and model, usually in the range between EUR 35,000.00-80,000.00+
1hot galvanizing or stainless steel
2traffic lights
3mechanical emergency dumping (e.g. in case of power failure)
4hydraulic unit outside the lifting table pit (easier for service and maintenance)
5PVC roller blind or corrugated wire mesh as under-going-protection
6Profilgates in the lifting platform plateau for cleaning the tires
7faster lifting and lowering speed (50-80 mm/s, max. 150 mm/s) with more powerful hydraulic components
8frequency converter control and hydraulics with soft lowering for more driving comfort
9plateau locks in the upper position to prevent possible sinking of the lifting table
10Organic oil
11oil pan hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel
12roll-off protection on platform, manual/mechanical or automatic/hydraulic
13slit seals for the plateau, circumferential
15key switch
16Additional flashing light indicating the movement of the lifting table; also a signal horn is possible
17sectional doors or rolling doors with light grate as closing edge protection
18barrier system, also in the ground retractable barriers
19further options on request...
Car lift table integrated into buildings: The costs vary depending on size, load capacity and model, usually in the range between EUR 50,000.00-95,000.00+
 options (with canopy)
1canopy with tub for the introduction of special flooring (half stones!)
2more robust steel construction, so that the canopy can be used as a parking space
3interior lighting in canopy


Technical Specifications & Dimensions

 Technical Specifications
delivery height0.2-3m

Car lifting tables are mainly used for delivery heights up to 3 m. However, delivery heights of 3 m + are also possible.

Construction height of the car lifting table = lifting table pit/driveway: 0.65m
platform dimensionsThe following standards have become established as platform dimensions, wherein for us as a manufacturer other dimensions can also be implemented without any problems:

- WxL:
2.5x5m, 2.75x5m, 3x5m
2.5x5.5m, 2.75x5.5m, 3x5.5m
2.5x6m, 2.75x6m, 3x6m
load capacity20-200KN+
electricityoperating voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
control voltage: 24 V, DC
E-preparation, on-site: CEE-Socket,
Power supply 3 x 400 V + PE



We are a “real manufacturer” of these car lifting tables, from which you can get advice about the design, production, assembly and service from a single source. If you would like to park a car without a ramp in the underground car park or park the car in a space saving retractable garage, our different ParkDock variants of the car lift table are designed as autolift, car elevator and car lift. Our ParkDock is a more cost-effective alternative to the known rope lifting solutions.


details in practice

Car Lifts from Nani are lifting the cars between different levels of a building (e.g. parking garage) or serve as a concealed underground garage, as shown in the pictures 1 – 4 below.
In car showrooms such lifts are not only being used for the transport of the cars between the different levels of the showroom, but also as a show presentation lift.
The development, design and manufacturing of the car lifts take place in our own factory at one location. Therefore we are able to fulfill any special request concerning the configuration, range of functions, design, coloring etc. of the lifts.
Additional features, such as PVC rollo barrier, “run-off-protection”, Locks, reinforcement of the plateau, higher speeds, Bio-oil or the complete construction made of stainless steel are only some examples for all the additional requirements we could fulfill.
When using the car lift as underground garage the additional space you are achieving aboveground is the biggest advantage of course.
The canopy of the lift can be used as an additional parking space or can be designed as lawn. Otherwise one can use paving, tiles, asphalt, concrete or simply metal as floor covering.
This offers the possibility to create the car lift fitting to the local structural conditions in an aesthetic way. Furthermore the car is protected against weather conditions and theft.
mechanical emergency release at the autoliftmechanical emergency release at the autoliftar-Lifts

Operating Controls

Car lift with canopy HT80 - arrangement of operating and signaling elements Car lift with canopy HT80 – arrangement of operating controls and signaling elements


Bikedock, Motorcycle-Lift

Motorcycle lift for Harley Davidson
Motorcycle lift for Harley Davidson

Car lift in Bavaria



Various Car-Lift-Tables


Car-Lift-Table HT30-2V

Equipment features:
1. HT30-2V (two vertical scissors)
2. two Sectional Doors
3. main control + additional control unit
4. pluggable guardrails
5. without passenger transport


If you would like to renovate or modernize your existing equipment (Car-Lift, Autolift, Lifting Table), please feel free to take a look at our examples and contact us.
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