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   published and updated: 14. June 2023

Train Loading

As an innovative manufacturer of loading technology, lifting technology and industrial gates, we have always dealt with loading tasks from the railway loading and freight transport. Here, in addition to simple loading plates, we offer a range of special solutions for the loading of cars on railways or, for example, a special electrohydraulic loading platform over the entire width of a waggon train.
Bahnverladung Bahnverladung
This solution for train loading is as follows:
A loading system that is as effective as possible is to be created for a load of several types of wagons.
There was the requirement that the wagon must be able to be loaded up to the outer edge. In addition, shunting movements should be necessary as little as possible during the loading process. The previously known loading took place over a maximum of 2 m wide loading sheets or docklevellers. The pallets had to be parked by complex maneuvering within the wagon.

Our solution is a simple but highly effective loading system:
A total width of 22 m was used to construct five differently wide plateaus with an extensible cantilevered feed. This feed is pushed to the outer edge of the wagon. It will always use the plateaus, which are opposite the open wagon.
In the case of special types of wagons, shunting movements are not required during the entire loading process. The two open sides are loaded completely one after the other. The forklift driver has the possibility, by means of a hand transmitter, to adjust the height of the plateau during the loading, since the wagons go through the loading into the suspension.

After the loading process has been completed, all the feeds and plateaus return to the rest position by pressing a single “autotaster”. The development, construction, and production took place at the Eilsleben location in the interplay of our construction engineers, electrical engineers and hydraulic specialists, and the assembly was carried out exclusively with our own staff. Since the assembly, the system has been working almost round the clock to the full satisfaction of the customer.
Other examples
This bridge is pivoted between two wagons so that it can also be loaded on the long side.
Industry: Manufacturing Logistics
State: Aragon (Spain)
Year of construction: 2010
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Year of construction: 2009
Industry: Chemical Logistics
State: Bavaria
Year of construction: 2009



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