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Loading Dock Equipment
Electronic Wheel Chock
   published and updated: 2. December 2020

Electric Wheel Chock

The Electric Wheel Chock (with signaling device) serves for safety at the loading ramp. The professional associations stipulate that a truck must be secured against rolling away before being loaded or unloaded. A switch integrated in the Wheel Chock is switched by means of a shift rocker, which is actuated by the under the truck wheel. In control, the switch is coupled to the overcharge bridge controller. As long as the switch is not actuated, the dockleveller can not be put into operation. This means that the dockleveller can not be used until the truck has secured the wheel against rolling away. A dangerous source of accidents has been “defused”. Only when the truck driver has positioned the Wheel Chock with the signaling device in front of the wheel, the indoor Traffic Light jumps to “green”, signaling that the truck is secured in front of the ramp and the loading process can start. If during the loading the Wheel Chock is removed on the truck and the truck drive away, the signal horn and the “red” Traffic Light signal the danger to the forklift driver!
Components of Electric Wheel Chock:
  1. Wheel wedge
  2. Sheet metal flap
  3. Spring
  4. Valve axis
  5. U-Profile
  6. Limit sensor
  7. Wire tree
  8. Cladding panel

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