As a real manufacturer of high-quality loading dock equipment, lifting equipment and industrial doors, we are always striving for long-term relationships with our suppliers. At the same time we are forced to keep our competitiveness in mind, to recognize market developments and to test regularly new products. Therefore we welcome any approaches of new suppliers. The following products are being purchased on a regular basis:


  • Steel; Checker plate steel girders, steel pipes, steel profiles, aluminum profiles, in general everything also in stainless steel
  • Hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic aggregates, hydraulic hoses, flow dividers, etc.
  • Cable
  • Door panels
  • Panels for the construction of loading houses
  • Flashings
  • screws


Our suppliers include Thyssen, Klöckner, ArcelorMittal, Reyher, BoschRexroth, and many others


You can reach our purchasing department at einkauf@nani.de





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