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Airport Logistics
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   published and updated: 30. August 2017

Airport Logistics

In airport logistics, freight handling at an airport is different to that as for example in the port. The transport by plane is much more expensive than by ship, truck or train. As a result, only high-quality goods are regularly handled at airports.
However, there are of course lots of tasks at the airport in the area of loading technology, lifting technology and gate technology. Instead of expensive cable hoists, an increasing number of scissor or column lift table systems are used for airports and passenger transport between different levels.
For the handling of the special airfreight containers, so-called “Truck Docks” are frequently used, ie lifting tables with special decks, through which the air freight containers can be easily transported.
If you are planning to convert or build new buildings, please contact us as soon as possible in order to provide you with the latest state of the art for loading, lifting and interior and exterior doors.
RollerCover for truck dock and airport logisticsRollerCover for truck dock and airport logistics



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