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Load test of the hybrids from lip-bridge and lifting table
Lift Table with Telescopic Lip Leveller (HTVB)
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   published and updated: 4. December 2020

Lift Table with Telescopic Lip Leveller (HTVB)

The combination lift table / dock leveller connects the function of both loading systems. The loading system can be used as a normal dock leveller in the normal way.
With this reliable technique the effective loading of any normal truck is guaranteed. The precise mounted dock leveller follows the movements of the truck because of the ‘swimming-position’.
As second function, the leveller can overcome the distance in height between the bottom of the hall and the ground-floor. For that we have the lift table.
The Nani-combination HTVB corresponds to the security-rules ZH 1/156 and the VBG 14.
Lift Table with Telescopic Lip Leveller (HTVB)Lift Table with Telescopic Lip Leveller (HTVB)

Loading dock system for yard-level halls and buildings

This special loading dock system for yard-level halls and buildings has been developed by Nani. It makes it possible to organize an efficient and effective loading process also for buildings without a loading dock on truck level. This loading system consists of a hydraulically height-adjustable lifting platform in which an electrohydraulic dockleveller is integrated. After docking the truck, it is being sealed by the dockshelter. The loading door can be opened and the loading system is being raised to truck level. Then the dock leveler can be placed into the truck and unloaded onto the maneuvering area of the rest of the platform. Thereafter, the entire platform is lowered back to hall level and the goods can be transported.
Ground-level loading - Nani-Scissor Lift Table-Combination HTVB
Alternatively, this system can also be optimally combined with our height-adjustable inflatable dock shelter.
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: Saxony
Year of construction: 2011
Industry: Conveyance Logistic
State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Year of construction: 2014
Industry: Pharma Logistics
State: Hesse
Year of construction: 2006



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