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   published and updated: 12. April 2021


Problem: Despite Dockshelter systems such as curtain shelters, cushion shelters or inflatable shelters at many loading docks there occur problems through bad weather conditions with rain, snow and wind. There are several reasons for the incoming rain water: Loading docks are often constructed with a sloping yard to the ramp, because this shall prevent accidents caused by a run-off of the truck. Bad weather conditions with heavy rain, snow and wind force the water through the Dockshelter into the building. If snow and ice melt on the truck roof. The Nani Dockdrain prevents that! Sealing the door optimally. Protection for the personnel and the goods. Prevention of damages of the loading dock equipment and the loaded commodity. Increasing the safety at the loading dock. Improving the working conditions and the productivity of the loading staff. Upgrade for all loading docks possible!
Solution: The Nani Dockdrain works like a gutter. It is placed to the interior of the truck roof. To fit all truck sizes the Dockdrain is width- and height-adjustable. After the docking of the truck the Nani Dockdrain is put into ist working position below the roof truck manually, electrically or hydraulically. The rainwater will now be leaded out of the loading dock through the gutter and the interior of the bulding stays dry. In combination with the four-sided inflatable dockshelter this system offers you an optimal sealing of the door opening. The personnel at the loading dock is protected against bad weather conditions and sicknesses are prevented. The inflowing rainwater might damage the loaded goods, which is prevented. The loading dock equipment such as hydraulic docklevellers might also suffer wet conditions. An expensive replacement is prevented. As the Dockdrain is nearly in line with the truck roof the drive in for the forklift is guarantueed without barrier. A dry and working loading dock improves the working conditions and increases the safety and productivity. Protect your employees, protect your goods!
Industry: Conveyance Logistic, Transport Management
State: Lower Saxony
Year of construction: 2008

Product Video: NANI Dockdrain 1
Dockdrain unfold

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Dockdrain curl

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Dockdrain collapse



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